2017 USPS Postage Rates Increase Guide

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The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has implemented new rates for domestic and international mail classes as well as its pecial Services on January 22, 2017. Learn more about these changes and how they may impact your mailing and shipping.

  1. 2017 USPS Commercial Base (online postage) prices by mail class
  2. 2017 USPS First-Class Mail Postage Rates
  3. 2017 USPS Priority Mail Express Postage Rates
  4. 2017 USPS Priority Mail Postage Rates
  5. 2017 USPS First-Class Package Service Postage Rates
  6. 2017 USPS Parcel Select Ground Postage Rates
  7. 2017 USPS Retail Ground Postage Rates
  8. 2017 USPS Media Mail Postage Rates
  9. 2017 USPS Global Express Guaranteed Postage Rates
  10. 2017 USPS Priority Mail Express International Postage Rates
  11. 2017 USPS Priority Mail International Postage Rates
  12. 2017 USPS First-Class Package International Service Postage Rates

Tips: Get a exact Postage Price from Postage Price Calculator of USPS.


When do the new USPS rates start?
The 2017 USPS postage rate increase goes into effect on Sunday, January 22, 2017.

Are Forever Stamps purchased before January 22, 2017 still valid to use once the new rates go into effect?
Yes, Forever Stamps purchased from the Post Ofce (or another location) will remain valid. You can use Forever Stamps to mail a one-ounce First-Class Mail letter, even after January 22, 2017.

Can I buy the $0.465 “Metered Rate” postage stamps at the Post Office?
No, the “Metered Rate” $0.465 postage stamps can only be printed using an approved PC Postage/online postage vendor such as Stamps.com or through a postage meter. The “Metered Rate” $0.465 stamps cannot be purchased at the Post Ofce.

How do I get Commercial Base discounts for printing postage online?
You automatically qualify for Commercial Base pricing if you print shipping labels using Stamps.com (or any online postage vendor). These rates should be automatically calculated when you print postage.

Are online postage rates for any international mail classes increasing in 2017?
There is no rate increase for Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International and First Class Package International Service in 2017, if you buy postage online using Stamps.com (or any online postage vendor).

Can anyone use Regional Rate boxes or are they only for large quantity shippers?
Anyone can ship using Regional Rate Boxes, regardless of the number of packages shipped. If you buy postage for a Regional Rate Box at the Post Office, you will have to pay an extra $0.75. Rates for Regional Rate Boxes are not increasing in 2017.

Are online postage rates for Parcel Select Ground decreasing in 2017?
Yes, for certain weight and zone combinations, the price for Parcel Select Ground will be lower than what it was in 2016. Most of these rate decreases are zone specific for packages weighing between 2 lbs. and 5 lbs.

When do I need to include that plastic (Form 2976-E) envelope on my package for the Customs Forms?
The USPS Form 2976-A Customs Form includes 4 copies of the standard Customs Form and must be inserted into the Form 2976-E envelope. You would attach this on Priority Mail International or Priority Mail Express International packages, but you can use the USPS 2976 Customs Form (1 page) for First-Class Package International Service packages.

I am a Stamps.com customer. Do I need to take any actions to get the new rates after January 22, 2017?
No, if you are a Stamps.com customer, you do not need to take any action. Stamps.com will automatically update all USPS rates inside the software and web-based version (Stamps.com Online) on Sunday, January 22, 2017.



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