Royal Mail Postage Rates

(There is no changes of The Royal Mail Postage Rates in 2018.)

Summary of 2018 Royal Mail Postage Rates

  • This page is a complete guide to 2018 Royal Mail’s UK and International parcel and letter service prices. Royal Mail haven’t updated postage rates in 2018 yet, the postage rates on this page is valid from 27 March 2017.
  • This guide gives you the prices for Royal Mail’s UK and International services and Parcelforce Worldwide UK services – whether your item is to the UK or abroad, urgent, requires proof of delivery or you simply want a standard service.
  • This guide sets out the recommended retail price for Royal Mail’s services.

The following Royal Mail Postage Rates cover UK Guaranteed, UK Signed, UK Standard, Receiving services, International Standard, International Tracked & Signed, International Tracked, International Signed, and International Economy.

UK Guaranteed Postage Rates

UK Signed Postage Rates
UK Standard Postage Rates
Receiving services Postage Rates

International Standard Postage Rates
International Tracked & Signed Postage Rates
International Tracked Postage Rates
International Signed Postage Rates
International Economy Postage Rates


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