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Frequently asked questions:

What is EMS tracking number?

EMS Tracking number is alpha-numeric code starting with two letters, followed by nine digits (eight serial number digits + a check digit) and two-letters country code. For example, EE123456785GB. Check digit shows whether EMS tracking number contains a mistype. Code of the country indicates the origin country of the shipment.

What is the reason to track EMS using both origin and destination country EMS sites?

Origin country EMS site gives more up-to-date ems express tracking information on initial part of mail/package delivery, while destination country EMS site on final part. The other reason is that origin or destination country sites may not have online ems delivery tracking.

Why destination country should be selected manually?

EMS tracking number contains code of origin country, but not destination country.

EMS tracking site does not provide any result for my tracking number, how can I track and trace my EMS shipment?

Here are several possible ways to do with your ems shipping tracking:

  • Check EMS tracking number and correct if needed.
  • Wait few days and repeat search. Tracking information on origin country EMS site appears several days after you received tracking number. Track and trace on destination country EMS site will be available after mail/package/parcel arrived to the country.
  • Try track and trace using both origin and destination countries EMS site.

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