Hongkong Post to issue “Outdoor Fun” special stamps

Hongkong Post announced today (May 2) the issue of a set of special stamps on the theme “Outdoor Fun”, together with associated philatelic products, on May 16 (Tuesday).

Hong Kong is a bustling metropolis well known for its fast-paced city life. Nevertheless, one can easily take a break from the hustle and enjoy all manner of outdoor activities while exploring the other side of Hong Kong.

A wide range of open-air recreational pursuits suitable for all ages is organised in various districts in Hong Kong. To encourage public participation in outdoor activities and advocate a healthy and active lifestyle, Hongkong Post conducted a voting exercise on “My Favourite Outdoor Recreational and Leisure Activities” from February to March in 2016. Six such pastimes with high popularity ratings in the poll are featured in this set of special stamps entitled “Outdoor Fun”, which comprise picnic and barbecue ($1.70), cycling ($2.20), visiting heritage sites ($2.90), beach fun ($3.10), hiking ($3.70) and outdoor photography ($5).

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