Australia Post gives green thumb to Aussie succulents with new stamps

Australia Post celebrates Australian succulent plants with a new stamp issue out in post offices across the country from Tuesday 20 June.

Australia Post Philatelic Manager, Michael Zsolt said, “Many Australians have a passion for the great outdoors and for gardening. We believe these stamps will pique the interest of nature-lovers and gardeners alike, providing a window onto some of our amazing native succulent species”.

Succulents occur through most regions in Australia and the term “succulence” or “succulent” refers to a plant’s capacity for holding water. Besides water-storing capacity, two criteria for determining this group are a plant’s ability to withstand long periods of dry without severe leaf loss and the ability to not only survive but continue to grow with minimal food, water and care, making them a popular choice of plant for gardens and courtyards.


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