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Israel Postal TrackingIsrael Postal Company, formerly the Israel Postal Authority, is a government-owned corporation that handles postal services in Israel. The Israel Postal Company has 7,000 employees, among them 1,650 mail delivery staff and 2,000 postal clerks manning 700 post office branches around the country. It has a network of 4,262 mail boxes and 1,000 mail trucks. Some 2.5 million postal items are sorted every day.

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One thought on “Israel Post Tracking

  1. Hello….I live and work in Japan. I have made orders of wine product over the years with Israel and shipping here to Japan has never been a problem. Now my product is being held up by customs there in Israel with no reason of explanation. I have tried to contact Israel Post website from here in Japan but access appears to be forbidden…..Why? I have no idea why??? Anyway it seems impossible for me to get their phone number there at customs. My item number through EMS is:
    EE 091 412 715 IL
    From: RIMON WINERY TRADE LTD Sari Nairner Other Kerem ben zimra 26 Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra 13818 ISRAEL Tel:97246822325 Email:[email protected]
    To: Anthony Foth
    Anthony Foth
    kuriyama-cho 1-9-7-307
    Amagasaki 6610013 JAPAN Tel:81-66-423 Email:[email protected]

    Customs Declaration Gift: Importer’s Ref: No. of invoice: Export Ref: 514212463
    Contents: 1 gastronomic product
    Value: ₪1266.00
    Weight: 8.50 Gross Weight (kg):8.56
    HS Tariff #220600001
    Origin: IL
    Date: 01/10/2023 12:55 RF# 1000

    Please respond ASAP!
    Thank you!
    Anthony Foth

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