Lietuvos paštas Postage Rates

(The 2018 Lietuvos paštas Postage Rates Calculator User Guide.)

The Lietuvos paštas is different from other postal services, they haven’t published Lietuvos paštas postage rates on their website to the public. But they do have a Postage Calculator.

The Postage Calculator of Lietuvos paštas is easy to use. When you open the Postage Calculator page, you can get the postage rates step-by-step on the same page. Here are a user guide of Lietuvos paštas Postage Calculator.

Lietuvos paštas Postage Rates

Lietuvos paštas Price calculator

Lietuvos paštas Postage Calculator support three type of mail:

  • Letters: All items weighing less than 500g with maximum dimensions of 20mm in height, 381 in length, and 305mm in width are treated as letters
  • Parcels: Articles and goods sent by mail or couriers <strong>(for private customers)
  • Money: Money can be sent by money orders or Western Union transfers to recipients in Lithuania and abroad.

After choosing the type of mail, choose the destination country and the package weight for both Letters and Parcels, choose the destination country and the money amount in euros for Money.

Click here to Calculate your package with Lietuvos paštas.

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