Oman Post Postage Rates

(The 2018 Oman Post Postage Rates take effect on January 1, 2018.)

Oman Post Postage Rates – Letter

Postal bags service rates.
Additional Postal Services.
Discount on Postal rates for large Volume.
Post items sent to Europe – India – Pakistan – Iran – Bangladesh – Sri Lanka.
Postal rates for international business reply service.
Postal rates for other services of letter
Post items sent to foreign countries.
Post items sent to other Arab Countries.
Post items sent to the Gulf Cooperation Council States.
Post within The Sultanate.

Oman Post Postage Rates – EMS

Postal rates for EMS within The Sultanate.
Postal rates for EMS items sent to GCC and Arab countries.
Discount on Postal rates for Express Service.
Fees For Additional Services Of International EMS.
EMS Rates for other Countries.

Oman Post Postal Rates – Parcels

Postal rates for local parcels.
Postal rates for air parcels sent to the (GCC) states.
Rates for additional parcel services.
International Parcel Rates sent outside Oman.

Oman Post Postal Rates – Money Orders

Rates for money orders.
Rates for additional services
Rates For Postal Services Offered To Other Bodies.
Rates for other postal services.
Other Services.


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