Saudi Post Postage Rates

(The 2018 Saudi Post Postage Rates take effect on January 1, 2018.)

The Saudi Post is different from other postal services, they haven’t published Saudi Post postage rates on their website to the public. But they do have a Postage Calculator.

The Postage Calculator of Saudi Post is easy to use. When you open the Postage Calculator page, you can get the postage rates step-by-step on the same page. Here are a user guide of Saudi Post Postage Calculator.

Saudi Post Postage Rates

Saudi Post Postage Price Calculator on Official Website

Step 1: Choose which postal service you need: Send an international shipment or Send shipment within the Kingdom?

Step 2: Start by choosing the Service from the drop down menu, choosing further options as they appear.

Step 3: Once you have filled in all the boxes simply click ‘Submit’ and the cost of postage will be calculated for you.

Click here to Calculate your package with Saudi Post.

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