Singapore Post Overseas Postage Rates – Bulk Post

(The 2018 SingPost Postage Rates take effect on January 2, 2018.)

2018 SingPost Overseas Postage Rates
– Bulk Post  (M Bag)

Destinations (Zone) Air Rate Surface Rate Max. Weight
1st 5kg Addl. kg or part thereof 1st 5 kg Addl. kg or part thereof
Zone A Malaysia $16.00 $3.00 N.A. N.A. 30 kg per Bag (20 kg for Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan)
Zone B Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines,Taiwan and Thailand $30.00 $5.00 $18.00 $2.00
Zone C China, India, South Korea#, rest of Asia and Oceania $30.00 $5.00 $18.00 $2.00
Zone R Australia#, Japan# and New Zealand $40.00 $7.00 $20.00 $2.00
Zone S United Kingdom#, Germany#, Europe, USA and Canada $50.00 $9.00 $25.00 $2.00
Zone T Africa, Middle East and rest of the world $50.00 $9.00 $25.00 $2.00

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only printed papers, books, catalogues are accepted for posting under this service.
  • Letter, packets of goods and merchandise are not acceptable.
  • M Bag cannot be registered or insured.
  • Every M Bag must be accompanied with a M Bag label and Customs Declaration forms CN22 or CN23.
  • Each Bag must be addressed to only one addressee as listed in the M Bag label
  • Items enclosed in the M Bags must be packed in carton or box.
  • The addressee’s and sender’s addresses must be shown on each packet in the M Bag and they shall be sent to the same addressee as listed on the M Bag label.
  • Service is only available to countries where SingPost has direct Bag dispatch – list of countries is subjected to change without notice.
  • M Bags and labels are available at Bulk Mail Centre.
  • Delivery of M Bag will depend on the mode accorded by the country of destination.
  • Posting is only available at the SingPost Bulk Mail Centre at the following address, and payment of charges shall be in cash or NETS.

Bulk Mail Centre, 10 Eunos Road 5, East Entrance, Singapore Post Centre, Singapore 408600.

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri : 9am – 6pm Sat, Sun & Public Holiday : Closed

For more information, please call 1605.

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